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what about an unusual activity this winter ?

Leave with our qualified instructors for a snowy hike towed by horses : the ski Joering ! 

The principle is really simple : your are towed by a horse, wich is equipped with a specific harness linked to a rigid structure. This structure has two levers and a skirt, allowing you to guide your horse.

In this far north atmosphere, discover the ski Joering and live an awesome adventure with these beautiful animals.

In order to fully enjoy this snowy activity, get your gloves and live a ski Joering initiation with all te materals included that will delight everyone !

What do you have to know about ski Joering ?

Equestrian skijoring consists of a team of a single horse, generally guided by a rider, pulling the person on skis who carries no poles and simply hangs onto a tow rope in a manner akin to water skiing. In France, competitions involve a riderless horse, which is guided by the skier. In all cases, the horses have to be trained to accept the presence of ropes and skier behind them and to remain calm in racing conditions. Skijoring behind a horse is said to have originated as a method of winter travel, but today is primarily a competitive sport.

In which occasion ski Joering treks are possible ?

Those hikes are awesome adventures and can be amazing for many type of events : your seminars, a group activity, your bachelor party, your hen party, a employee representative comittee activity, a birthday or even without any reason, just for the pleasure of sliding and living a wonderful time with our wonderful horses !

During this activity, on of our qualified instructor will teach you the basics you have to know to drive your horse and to have a great time. Of course, our instructors are passionated by their activity and they will have a high pleasure to transmit you their passion !

Difficulté : 2 / 5
0.5 heures

Activite time : 30 minutes 

Accesibility : Everyone, sporting activity

Season: Winter

Lieu :  equestrian center at l'Alpe d'Huez.

PRICE FOR ONE PERSON (adult and child).

Initiate yourself to this activity : ski-joëring, with family or friends, her


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Difficulté : 3 / 5
0.6 heures

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